Siberia Craft: Winter Hunter

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Siberia Craft: Winter Hunter – a new sandbox in the Siberian style. Feel the real hunter in the Siberian snow woods. Your main goal to survive at any cost in the wild nature and a frigid climate! Construct own shelter in the wood, commit follies that in your hut it was warm. Create the unique weapon and warm clothes and go on hunting! Develop hunting activity, update the shelter, place traps on bears and be afraid of night! There are furious zombies, palochnik and killing winter spiders at night.

Features of game:
– The updated generation of the world in real time
– Winter, cold, snowfall and blizzards.
– Wild animals: bears, wolves, Siberian lynxes
– Cattle: chickens, cows, horses, dogs, cats.
– Farmer activity
– Stable hunting
– Mode of a survival and creative.
– It is possible to construct all!
– The updated stock, it is possible to create all!
– Change of day and night, balance of the natural phenomena.

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