Puzzle Cars for kids

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Cheerful and colorful vehicle puzzle for 1 year old kids and olders. The game will help your child in a playful way to remember different parts of vehicles, develop observation and will give many hours of fun.
You can choose one of the two modes – learning mode and puzzle mode. In the learning mode, your baby will be able to place himself car details in the right places and hear their names. The Puzzle mode proposes to form one picture from some intricate pieces. It promotes development of attentiveness and a logical thinking. In child car puzzles, 16 entertaining levels are provided in each mode which will ensure your kid will never get bored.

Game features:
– Easy development.
– 2 modes (learning and puzzle).
– 16 colourful cars in each mode.
– Sound of car parts in Russian and English languages.
– Right for kids from 1 year old.
– Gradual puzzle complication with every level.

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