Pony Care: Friends & Rainbow

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Pony care game & celebration! Virtual pet, friendship and rainbow! Dash & saddle up for an adventure! Take your pony to the Theme Park! Game for teenage girls free! Exploration of the littlest pets world! Rescue and care for a Pony horse! He wants to be your virtual friend! Pet, feed and care for him! The life of your cuddly little animal is in your hands! Watch the moon together! Care for the littlest! Pet shop with tiny horse! Crafting, exploration and friends! Take your tiny adorable pet to hairdresser or to a shopping mall! Send him to a Nail Salon! Fashion and design! Pet games free! You can take your friend to highschool (high school craft)! Cook and bake a strawberry pie together or a sweet apple jack! Play mini pet games like ball bounce, picking apples, use the colorful magic wings! Have fun in a Pony craft world! Organize the best beach party or pool party! Invite your cat, puppy or unicorn friends! Kingdom of animals is your home now! Love & friendship! Hear the wings flutter! Shy pet needs cuddling and hugging! Choose name for your pet: Coco? Tom? Angela? Emma? Any will do! A walking and talking pet awaits you! Change clothes of your Pony! You can be a fashion designer (fashion craft)! Building, crafting & friendship! Create a house where you will live together! Sweet sugar pony pet wants to be your friend forever! Puppy pet games for family! Dress up game with ponies and unicorns. Glam doll house – the new way! Top game for top girls! Design, decorate the house and take care of your little tiny friend! The Mini pet world! Emergency rescue is not needed! Pet games – the new way!

Game for teens!
Dress-up game! Change clothes of your pet!
Take care of a littlest friend!
Play mini games!
Share your fashion designs with friends!
Virtual pet game for free!
Best games for teenage girls!

Family game mode!
Pet shop mode

Pet Love: Little live pets mode
Wash & shower minigame
Nursery minigame
Nail salon
Happy story – simulator
Egg baby (little dragon friend)
Kung fu Pony – emergency rescue
Pet hotel & school

Take care of your Pony!
Play mini games with your friends!
Dress up, feed and wash the pony!
Make your pony beautiful!

DISCLAIMER: This game is not advised to play for players below 13 years old without parental control.

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