Pet Cat Make Up Salon

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There are three very lovely pet cats in our brand new make up game. If you love pet, then join in this wonderful game and have fun. First step, you need to make over for the cat. Choose one pet that you like and then make over for her. Use the brush to get rid of those dirt and leaves on her body. Give her a nice bath and use the towel to dry her. After that, you need to use the cotton swab to clean those dirty things in her ear. Moreover, use our given tools to cut her nails one by one and help the pet make facial and eyes masks to make her skin look fresh. At last put some facial cream on her face. Second step, you need to prepare some food for the pet and play with her. Third step, come to use out given cosmetics to make her up beautifully. Choose the suitable eye shadow color for her and let her wear one pair of fashion contact lenses. Select the most beautiful color of blusher and lipstick that she like. Fourthly, dress up for the cat by mix and match those cute clothes until the best one that suits her. Decorate her beauty with fashionable hairstyle and other accessories. At last show us this cute pet.
1. Choose one pet that you like
2. Help the cat make over
3. Play with the pet
4. Make up beautifully for the pet cat
5. Dress up clothes for her
6. Show us at last
How to play:
1. Choose one cute cat that you like
2. Get rid of those dirt and leaves on her body
3. Help the pet have a bath
4. Clear away dirty things in her ears
5. Cut her nails one by one
6. Make masks for the cat
7. Prepare food for the cat
8. Make up beautifully for the pet
9. Help the pet dress up
10. Show us at last

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