Pet Care Salon Games for Girls

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Welcome to pets salon care, salon which consists of dogs and cats. In this game of care for dogs and cats, you have to care for your favorite animals that are between one and three years. Care of each animal is hygiene, medical care and clothing. We will describe the action of the game. You have to select an animal, for example cat, you have to use a sponge to wash it, to use the shower to rinse it, to use a towel to wipe it, and dryer to dry the coat silky fur brush animal will use our you'll brush your teeth for fresh breath, and you pour balsamic oil to be as smooth our animal fur. In the next level you have to go to the doctor's office where you will need to take care of the animal, you have to make sure it has a good blood pressure, to give him an injection to prevent infections that may occur ii, extract the thorns of his coat, not to hurt him, then we apply a patch wounds made by thorns, we put some drops on wounds, we will clean, disinfect and we 'll put ice on the injury. After our pet has been treated, you will be able to match the clothes, sunglasses, pet collar, hat and we can also change the landscape of the game. We try to offer games for girls who more or less beautiful, which is why we invite you to stop playing other games in our network, especially animal care games

Directions: Take care of pets by following the instructions in the game

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