OVERDUEL : Cat Heroes Arena – Watch Over Duel game

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OVERDUEL is a Cat inspired hero versus arena with fun and awesome unique Gameplay.
1 or 2 or 4 Player Fast paced cool Action mobile game app. With online Rankings to test your skills with other players. Cat Battle, let the ninja cyborg paladins nekos wars begin!

Single Player Mode – Mini Games – VS Computer
2 to 4 Player Versus within the Same device
Survival Mode – Fight in Endless Hero Challenge (ranked high score)

Strategic Over watch action vs battle arena with cats in mobile game.
Buy and Unlock Characters, Improve your Skills and Take on the Online Ranks.
Enjoy Rich Variety of Neko Heroes ready for war. More Coming Soon!

Exercise your ability to dominate the duel in this fast paced action game, one or two players on the same device, online leaderboard, lots of skills, characters and so on. Fight and be the very best. Train hard, crush them, Good Game. Kitty with Guns
Tons of Playable Over Duel Characters: Ninja Cat, Soldier Cat, Robot Cat, Android nyan, Archer Cat, Wild Western Cats Mccree, Tracer Blink Cat, Battle Catz Paladins , ragnarok rok cat Hanzo , Grumpy Kitty Maker, Reaper and Zencatta, Symeko and Doomfist, Moira Lucio and Newest Champion Mercy, Zarya , Captain Drake, Brigitte and Talon Assassin from Retribution, new heroes are Meiow and Roadcat. Training On Strategy Over-Heroes ever duel , new furrah with everwing wings classic overdue battleground. The Valkyrie Cat Meowkyrie is now available!

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Artwork created by Wilson and Wena of UltimaA Studios. More improvements soon.
Original Game Concept – Characters are Cats inspired by overwatch game free 2d roster with lots of variation plus will include awesome skills and hero. Watch over for Neko anniversary special, cat vs dog. excash

Coming up next: Single Player Mode/Games, New Heroes, More New Skins

fan game disclaimer:
This app is not officially endorsed by Blizzard Entertainment. Overwatch is a trademark of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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