My Craft :Ice Craft Building

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Welcome to My Craft :Ice Craft Building the world of unlimited possibilities! Get ready for real adventures!
My Craft Ice Craft Building is a free and amazing building games, full of adventures in the boundless cubic world!
Start your building and show the world your best game and constructions.My Craft :Ice Craft Building is a crafting and building free game for the whole family:from kids, boys and girls, to adults.

My Craft :Ice Craft Building will not leave anyone indifferent! It will entice you for a long time. is a free game for the whole family -kids, boys and girls, to adults. Start building and show the world your constructions. also You
can create the custom blocks, craft special furniture or complete blueprint of building! And even better.

My Craft :Ice Craft Building is a little 3D game taking place in a infinite world made of block, Build everything you want either in a wild survival world, or online with your friends.
Features of game:
– The updated generation of the world in real time
– Winter, cold, snowfall and blizzards.
– Wild animals: bears, wolves, Siberian lynxes
– Cattle: chickens, cows, horses, dogs, cats.
– Farmer activity
– Stable hunting
– Mode of a survival and creative.
– It is possible to construct all!
– The updated stock, it is possible to create all!
– Change of day and night, balance of the natural phenomena.
– survival and muiltiplayer
Crafting and building:Your main goal to survive at any cost in the wild nature and a frigid climate! Construct own shelter in the wood, commit follies that in your hut it was warm. Create the unique weapon and warm clothes and go on hunting! Develop hunting activity, update the shelter, place traps on bears and be afraid of night! There are furious zombies, palochnik and killing winter spiders at night.
Let's download and play My Craft :Ice Craft Building , Have a good game

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