Metal Combat : Shooter Revenge

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♥ ♥ ♥ Metal Combat Shooter Revenge 3D the ultimate hero needs your help rescuing his best friend from a band of terrorists. The fight will be tough and dangerous. Use your deadly arsenal and destroy the evil thugs in fierce gunfights. Super spy cat must destroy his enemies across 5 map pack with over 50 levels of explosive carnage. Experience this thrilling ride full of funny cartoon animations and quirky references and detail.

Playing Metal Combat Shooter Revenge is easy, simply tap a target to shoot. Time your shot and try to make an instant kill when an enemy is coming out of cover. Upgrading your weapons is essential to become a true spy master. Analyse the battlefield, destroy tactical points to hinder your enemies and come out on top!

Key Features:
★ Smooth controls, simply tap the screen to shoot
★ Quirky storyline and humor
★ Hundreds of weapons and power-ups
★ More than 50 levels to complete (and more to come)
★ Beautifully designed cartoony art-style
★ Three challenging difficulty levels

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