Kitty Beauty Care Salon

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Hi, we all love animals because they are very cute, an animal can become a very good friend and definitely we can rely on a pet to make our day more beautiful. If you do not have a pet but you want here you'll be able to have the most beautiful kitten. You'll be her best friend and you can play with it every day through this game with animals. Cats are very sensitive animals who want attention from people. You will need to have great care for the cat to be happy and that is why you will go to a beauty salon for animals. If you're looking for a good salon you need to know as soon as we opened the best salon for pets but do not have enough employees. If you want to work in our salon you'll be able to help your cat to look good and even teach more tricks. Animals are very careful about the way they look and therefore will have to use all the skills to lead this mission to the end.

– This is a very nice game for girls;
– The decor is interesting and feel that little cat is a true;
– For starters you will see how Sofia receives a gift, it is a kitty;
– Sofia is very happy because she has a cat and now goes to the store to shop;
– This buy: juice, fruit, vegetables, milk, eggs, flour, sugar, a dress that will be used at the party, shoes, hair dryer, shampoo, soap, hair brush, scissors and towels;
– It wants a book with stories, help her choose the right book;
– Do not forget to buy paper and glue to make the invitations for the party;
– Cut paper, draw many colors, write text and then send all the invitations;
– Now you have to make the cake;
– For the dough you need: eggs, flour, milk, sugar and salt. Mix well and then enter the cake in the oven;
– Prepare cream;
– Cut fruit;
– Now you need for cake: candy, fruit and chocolate;
– Do not forget to arrange the candle on the cake;
– The cake looks great, you are a good baker;
– It is time for the cat to take a bath;
– Fill the tub with hot water;
– Wash fur with special shampoo for cats;
– Cut nails;
– Cut fur;
– Dry her fur with a hair dryer;
– Choose the most beautiful clothes and accessories most interesting, cat will be very beautiful;
– The party started;
– Each child came with cat;
– Cats play and dance and eat cake children;
– Sofia came with cat in the park;
– The two friends want to play;
– The cat had an accident and now must go to the doctor to be consulted;
– Make radiography;
– Offer syrup;
– Check heartbeat;
– Bandage the wound;
– Cat feels good;
– Decorate the room;
– You did a great job.

Thank you for help, please come back every day through this kitty care salon game for kids.

Have fun!

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