Kittens Live Wallpaper

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Kittens Live Wallpaper takes you among dozens of cute little kittens who will melt your heart and bring cuteness overload to your smartphone screen! Sweet high resolution cat images can be the perfect decoration if you are a cat person and enjoy pictures of cute little animals. Little baby cats playing around, sleeping, meowing, eating and purring will make you fall in love with this new feline live wallpaper that is brand new on the market! Check it out right now since this sweet background app is available for free download!
– Cool 3D live wallpaper for smartphones
– Amazing Kittens HD images for your screen
– Social share button and more
– Incredible HD graphics with full support for home – screen switching and landscape mode
– Motion of light and flashes changes with time
– There are several fantastic cats background themes waiting for you!

– Best Kittens 3D Live Background fits perfectly on both tablet devices and smartphones and it fully supports horizontal orientation
– This live wallpaper app has optimized Battery Usage and it will sleep when you phone is inactive, so it won’t drain your battery
– Compatible with 99% mobile phone and tablet devices
– Choose your favorite background wallpaper for free!

Check out the brand new Kittens Live Wallpaper with the most amazing realistic pictures of cute cats! You can choose among many beautiful HD images of cute little kittens or gracious adult cats that will make the perfect decoration for your smartphone screen! These lovely images will make your day and probably melt your heart, since these intelligent animals are too adorable! Kittens Live Wallpaper is the perfect choice for all the animal lovers since the pictures are so amazingly realistic! Siamese or a Persian cat, Russian blue or a Sphinx, Maine Coon or a simple domestic cat…there is something for everyone!
Kittens Live Wallpaper brings you irresistible high resolution images of sweet kittens and beautiful cats. For all cat persons, this is just the perfect background app with the whole collection of unbelievable poses and funny faces cats make daily! Cats in the cradle, cute kittens meowing and simply being irresistible…it’s all here! You will absolutely love these lovely kitties decorating your Android TM and Samsung Galaxy! You will adore it so don’t hesitate and download this cool Kittens Live Wallpaper right now, completely free of charge! Share it with all of your friends because they will love it too!
If you take pleasure in the sight of this cute domestic animal species, this cute Kittens Live Wallpaper is the perfect app for your Android™ and Samsung Galaxy phone. Everyone would like to have a sweet fluffy cat as a pet, and with this cool animal live wallpaper; you can imagine having one right there on your smartphone screen! These high resolution pictures of funny cats are just what you need, so don’t hesitate and download this cool cat background wallpaper right now, for free!

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*This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung.

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