Jungle Pixel: Alive Exploration

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★★★ Welcome to Jungle Pixel: Alive Exploration ★★★

Beautiful mountains, valleys and cities are waiting for you! Build your own unique world. Explore many possibilities. Become a hunter or a farmer. Build your own home or a whole city. Grow unusual animals and fight monsters. Play with friends and any people in multiplayer mode.

Install and start an interesting fun.

In this game there are horses and wolves, dogs and cats, sheep and pigs and much much more. In it you can build an amazing world from castles to towns and villages. Use a variety of building materials, such as stones and wood. Have a lot of different weapons from a strong ax to a deadly sword.

Try to survive at night. You will be attacked by monsters, zombies and large spiders. Can you deal with them?

Use all three unique game modes:


Are you looking for real adventures? This game is for you!

We have invested a lot of effort to make a quality and interesting game. Leave your likes and comments. We carefully study the opinions of the players.

Follow the updates. We will update the game very often.

Thank you for your trust! Very pleased that you are with us.

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