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ENGLISH KIDS LEARNING APP Teach your babies with fun.Your kids will learn Alphabets, Numbers,Fruits, Body Parts,Vehicles and much more Like
1. Alphabet.
2. Numbers.
3: Colours.
4: Animal.
5: Flower.
6: Fruit.
7. vegetables.
8. Parts Of Body.
9. Clothes.
11. Vehicle.
12.School Stationary.
13. Shapes.
14. House.
15. Country.
16. Sports.
17. Prepositions.
18. Computer.
19. Month.
20. Days.
21. Jobs.
22. Birds.
23. Planets.
24. Toys.

Also English Kids Learning involves Memory Game for Kids.So that they will enjoy with learning.

Children will Enjoy this app.
They will learn with fun.

Thank you for selecting this app. In the next version we are going to add new features, until then enjoy this free version and please share your views and rate us according to your experience..!!

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