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Better Life Hacks -Tips and Tricks App for You!

Check out these new Life Hacks Tips and Tricks, Tips and advice to optimize your daily life from this Better Life Hacks App. Thousands of Better Life Hacks to make your daily life very easy in this App. Check this Life Hacks app and you will make your life better 🙂

Some Features of the app Life Hacks:
★ Move the Life Hacks Tips and Tricks in your favorite Hack list.
★ Search for Life Hacks Tips and Tricks based on keyword.
★ Resume reading Life hacks Tips and Tricks from the last Hack you read from options menu.
★ Life Hack Tips and Tricks App is Completely offline. No Internet required after first download.
★ Thousands of Better Life Hacks that will help you make your daily life simpler.
★ 100% free application
★ Beautiful user-friendly interface
★ Single click share the Life Hack via Whatsapp.
★ App can be moved to SD card
★ Very compact. Only 3MB download size
★ Option to share a Life Hack to friends via SMS, Whatsapp and Other Social Apps like Facebook, Google+, WeChat, etc in a single tap.

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